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Fronter military anti-infrared fabrics, adopt the special process to adjust the infrared reflection value, so that objeccan’t be detected by night vision devices and thermal imager, lts excellent and stable concealment effect careffectively protect military safety for a long time.

Fabric per meter is 100% qualified for infrared resistance.

Provide effective protection from NIR to FIR.

IRR is free of extreme environmenteffect(rain, wetland, high-temperature, cold).

Usage: combat uniforms, training uniforms, outdoor camouflageuniforms,backpacks,etc.

Combat uniform fabric:IRR + Teflon (WR/OR/SR), Flame retardant, Anti-mosquito, Anti-bacterial.

Outdoor tactical clothing fabric:IRR + Wear-resistant, Windproof, Water reppellent, Anti-mosquito, Anti-bacterial.