Grey Softshell Stand Collar Jacket

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Product Type:Fleece Jacket
Fabric:95% Polyester & 5% Spandex
Color Fastness:3-5 Grade
Brand Name:Fronter
Weight:About 500g

The Outerlayeris Smooth And Non-Marking.
Lightweight Andbreathable Meshfabric.
Fleece Inner Layer Keeps Warm And Comfortable To Wear.
Militaryversion Stand Collar Soft Shell.
Stand Collarwebbing Smooth Zip.
Cuff Zips And Triangular Panelsfor Increased Mobility.
Three-Dimensional Pocketsto Expand Capacity, Velcroto Prevent Items From Beinglost.
Pen Pocket On Sleeve Arm, Multifunctional Loading Design.
Large-Capacity Zippered Pockets, User-Friendly Webbing Handles.
Adjustable Drawcordat Hem For Windprotection.
Internalzipperedmesh Pocket.
Internalzippered Mesh Pocket On Chest With Hidden Top Opening.
The Interior Zipperedmesh Pocket Is Verylarge Enough To Holdan A4 Magazine.



Size/Dimensions (cm)Garment size
Tolerance (+/-)SMLXLXXL
Back Middle Length16769717375
Chest Circumference1.56062646668
Sleeve Length (Neck Shoulder Seam Allowance)17576777879

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